COVID – 19 How can we help?

Dear Parents/Guardian,

I hope this blog finds you all safe and well in these unprecedented times. As a school we wish to support all of our school community in anyway we can.

With the sudden closure announcement, we prepared an outline of work for 3 weeks, not knowing what lies ahead for all of us.

We are constantly working behind the scenes however, to forward plan.

We are toying with the idea of providing optional, additional work (to compliment the work pack) in the form of one activity and one link per day to supplement work if people wish to avail of it. However, we do not wish to overwhelm you or your children. Therefore, we have designed this survey for you to take. This survey is OPEN until Sunday coming 22nd March 5pm.

Once your voice has been heard, we can progress in a way that suits you best.

In the meantime, remember, ‘This too shall pass’ and we are all in the same boat.

Stay well, stay safe and we will be in touch.

Kind regards, Ms. Laura Walsh

4 thoughts on “COVID – 19 How can we help?

  1. Thank you for all the effort the staff have put in to support the children in difficult circumstances. I appreciate the consideration you have given to this. I expect that there will be times where the availability of work will be helpful and times where it is put aside, depending on individual circumstances. It is great to have the option and the flexibility to avail of it or not.
    Stay well

    • Absolutely Claire. Unprecedented times for us all. We will contine to work together as a team. Your children’s happiness and good mental health are an absolute priority also. Thank you for your positivity.

  2. Many, many thanks for providing the work to home school the pupils as much as possible. I think they don’t need any more work until after the 3 weeks work is completed around the 6thApril. In addition, would it be possible to post problems that the pupils/parents have solving some of the home work and maybe teachers could address these when they are available.
    Keep safe, keep going!

    • Many thanks for this feedback Breege. That is our plan going forward post Easter. In the meantime, pre Easter, if you have any queries, please email them to and I will liasie with the teacher concerned and revert back to you at our earliest convenience. Thanks again for the positivity. Stay safe, Kind regards, Laura

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