Monday 23rd Sept. International Sign Language Day

international day of sign languages

Piercestown National School would like to acnkowledge and celebrate ‘International Sign Language Day’ tomorrow, Monday 23rd September. Over the past 5 year, Piercestown N.S. has began to introduce elements of the sign languauge known as ‘Lámh’ into its every day activity.  This year, sees an increased effort at this with all classes being taught ‘signs of the week’ each week and actively being encouraged to use these signs.

We have a dedicated ‘lámh’ noticeboard just as you enter the school building on the way to the P.E. hall. This week are two new signs are ‘Quick’ and ‘thank you’.

Given the day that is in it, why not stop and pick a sign to use tomorrow when you call to our school to either drop or collect your child.

We would love to see our initiative spread into our wider school community.

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