Europe Day 2018 at Piercestown N.S.

As many of you already know, Piercestown National School is a proud Blue Star School. 

The Blue Star Programme is an education initiative for primary school students across Ireland. The idea of the programme is to foster better understanding and knowledge of Europe and how it affects the lives of Irish citizens among Irish primary pupils through classroom projects and activities. 

Each year, as part of the Blue Star Programme, participating schools are asked to celebrate ‘Europe Day’ which occurs on May 9th. Also known as Schuman Day, Europe Day commemorates the 1950 Schuman Declaration.
Europe Day officially takes place on May 9th but as we will be on our mid-term break, we are moving our celebrations forward and will celebrate this Thursday, 3rd May 2018.
The students of 6th class, together with their teacher Miss Sinnott, would like to extend an invitation to parents, family and friends to join them in our celebrations on Thursday.  Europe Day will commence at approximately 11:30 am in the School P.E. Hall. A beautiful exhibition of artwork, research projects and essays written by children of 6th Class will be on display as well as some culinary delights! 

‘You have to taste a culture to understand it’ Deborah Cater.Europe Day Invitation 2018 Piercestown NS

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