Come to our ‘Tasty’ event – Launch of revised Healthy Eating Policy!

When: Tues 14th Nov (as part of Science Week 207)

What time: 6.30pm

Where: PE hall 

As part of Science Week 2017, we have decided it would be timely to launch our ‘revised’ Healthy Eating Policy in Piercestown National School. This revision took place as a result of concerns from parents about a decline in healthy eating while at school. Questionnaires were given to pupils and results analysed so that their voice was heard. Similarly, the parental voice was received. This allowed us to update and revise our approach to ‘Healthy Eating’.

It is quite topical at present with the discussions around sugar taxes, the rise in obesity and the impact healthy eating has now be proven to have on lifestyles. In educating our children in Piercestown N.S., we aim to nurture the holistic child and not just the academics.

Therefore, we would invite all parents and children to join us next Tues 14th Nov. at 6.30pm in the PE hall for a brief launch of our revised Healthy Eating Policy. On the evening, there will be guest speakers, prize giving and a healthy food tasting fair run by the children of 5th and 6th class. We would greatly appreciate your participation and attendance. In highlighting the importance of healthy eating and working together as a team, we will ensure a healthier lifestyle for our children as they develop through their formative years.

Our key message is simple, encourage healthy eating Monday to Thursday and allow Friday a ‘treat’ day.

In order for this to work, we ALL need to work together!

Remember, a healthy body is a healthy mind!

We look forward to seeing you all there for a ‘tasty’ event!

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