Let’s Celebrate Europe Day May 9th

The countdown is for to the celebration to mark ‘Europe Day’ as part of 6th class participation in the Blue Star programme.

So if you are free tomorrow between 1.30pm-3pm why don’t you join us to hear what 6th class have learned about the European Union over the school year 2016-2017.

This year saw the whole school get involved with every class from Junior infants to 6th class taking on a European country (including Ireland) to study. Hot on the heels of the Art Exhibition, if you walk the corridors of Piercestown N.S., you will be treated to a wealth of information and projects across every noticeboard. We would love you to venture inside and enjoy our learning! At today’s assembly, 1st class informed us that if you travel with a snail on a train in France, you MUST have a ticket!!!!!!!!!blue star programme


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