RDS Young Scientist – Here we come!


5th class will make history in Piercestown National School by travelling to the RDS in Dublin on Thursday January 12th to exhibit their experiment ‘ Does adding a substance to water change the rate at which skin wrinkles?’

This has been a major work in progress over the last few months with the children using all their science skills of – observation, questioning, predicting, estimating and measuring, experimenting, recording and communicating and also using their IT skills and digital prowess to successfully record their journey through their investigation.

So all roads, lead to the RDS on Thurs Jan 12th. The children will have an early start as all exhibitors must have their display in place by 9.30am on the day! Details were sent home before Christmas and a reminder will be sent home again when school re-opens on Monday January 9th.

Dedicated RDS Primary Science Fair Judges will be present on the day to visit the stand and meet the children, learn about their projects and provide feedback. Every student will receive a certificate of participation and each group will receive a special award trophy to keep as a memento. Judges feedback and the presentation of the award trophies to each group will begin at 2.30pm.

The Parents’ Association are funding the cost of the bus for this special event – many thanks to the Piercestown Parents’ Association – this is greatly appreciated.

We look forward to this event very much. What a great start to 2017 this will be!

Well done and huge thanks to Ms. Pauline Cooney for her hard work in applying and preparing for this.



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