**New – After School Club


After the mid-term break, Piercestown National School will launch their 2-3pm ‘After School Club’. This is a response to feedback from parents abut how we can best support our community.

This allows children from Junior and Senior infants to remain in school from 2-3pm. This will cater for children to remain in school until their older siblings finish their school day at 3pm and/or remain in school until they can travel home on the school bus with older siblings.

The ‘After School Club’ is run by the Board of Management under the supervision and management of Mrs. Lena Foley. It will be run on a ‘trial basis’ until Christmas and its success will be reviewed accordingly at that point.

The idea of the ‘After School Club’ is to offer a space and time for the Junior and Senior infants to relax and unwind after their busy day at school. As the children will have completed a busy day in school, homework will not be done during this time. Instead, the children will avail of a well deserved break and can complete their homework under the guidance of their parents/guardians after school has closed.

The ‘After School Club’ will involve playtime, games, music, songs, jigsaws, time to chat with their friends and much more fun and activity.

Further information will be forthcoming in the next week  or two so that our club can be up and running post Mid-term.

Many thanks for your patience and co-operation with this matter.



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