Mindful Monday 1st-6th class

Mindful Monday proved to be a positive experience in the school last year. We will be looking at further developing the whole area of positive mental health in the school.

To start it off, 1st – 6th class will take part in Mindful Monday today. Next month, will see the Junior and Senior infants join in.

So tonight, all children from 1st-6th will have no homework. This will give them an opportunity instead to engage in a relaxing and mindful activity with you their family.

It is encouraged to be a technology free time – some suggestions are:

Play a game

Make a jigsaw

Bake together

Sit down and chat about the day

Eat your evening meal together

Look at photographs

Go for a walk/cycle

Read a story together

After the activity, your child is asked to draw a picture or write a description of what they did.

We look forward to hearing the children share about some of their ‘mindful moments’ tomorrow



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