1916 Commemorations begins on Monday 19th Oct. 12.15pm

1916 2016

The commemorations of historic 1916 begin at Piercestown National School on Monday 19th Oct with the arrival of the Tri colour.

The Tri colour flag and a copy of the Proclamation will be delivered by the Irish Defence Force at 12.15pm on Monday. Two children from 5th class will be called upon to receive our flag and Proclamation and a third child from 5th will join in with the Defence force and read the 4th paragraph of the Proclamation.

The Defence force will speak for approx 15 minutes and then open the floor to a question and answer session for the children.

Parents who wish to attend are very welcome. This will mark the beginning of our commemoration activities for the year. Proclamation day will take place officially on March 15th 2016 where the flag will be raised at the front of our school.

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