Class of the Month for October….and the winner is ……2nd Class

Congratulations to second class who will go down in history as the first winner of ‘Class of the Month in Piercestown N.S.

This competition looks at enhancing all of the qualities that we as humans need to succeed in the world- manners, respect, safety, hard work and co-operation.

The classes were given credit for lining up when the bell rings, walking safely in single file in the corridors, showing respect to adults and each other, having respect for school property, working hard and co-operating. There weren’t many points between some of the classes at the end of October but in a fair contest the winner was announced at assembly on Monday and Mrs. Newport and second class were delighted with the news! Even the boys and girls in the other classes acknowledged the hard work that second class had put in. 2nd class will be rewarded with homework passes, a certificate from the Ms. Walsh and their very own pizza party this Friday!

Who will be the next ‘Class of the Month’ ?! November has kicked off and it’s anyone’s month! Watch this space!

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