Second Class

Halloween Fun!!!

The children in 2nd class had a ‘spooktacular’ end to the first half of Term 1 – take a look at what they got up to this Halloween!

Best Costume – And the winner is…

Maths Week 2020

Maths Week was a great success again this year, despite having to think outside the box to ensure the safety of all concerned. The usual activities such as Problem of the Day and Maths Olympiad were held, not to mention the latest addition to the programme – the Daily Maths Riddle announced by Ms. Walsh over the intercom each day. Of course, one of the highlights of the week is always the Tables Bee competition and this year was no exception! The finalists from each class went on to battle it out in an exciting final that was held outdoors and socially distanced. Check out the video for a flavour of the learning that took place in 2nd class and the fun that was had along the way!!!

A New School Year!

The boys and girls in 2nd class 2020/2021 were not put off by the rain as they returned to school on Thursday 27th August, after being away for over five months. They were full of the excitement of seeing their friends again and ready to embrace all of the new safety procedures put in place to protect everyone from COVID-19. During the day they had a visit from Fr. O’Reilly to welcome them back and to remind them about the special sacraments that take place in 2nd class – First Confession and First Holy Communion. Here are some photos of the children on their first day back!

Summer Holidays

A special message to everyone in 2nd class:

Well done boys and girls!!! Hope you have a brilliant Summer, after all your hard work all year. You were a fantastic class. I will miss you all very much. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again in September.

From Mrs. Corrigan

Summer Art Challenge

#9 Something In Nature

Here’s a drawing of an owl done by Seán in 2nd class as part of the Summer Art Challenge. It’s amazing!!!

Project: Domestic Cats

Project: Snow Leopard

Project: Koalas

Project: Hamsters

Project: Slugs

Project: Dolphins

Project: A Buffalo

Project: Greyhounds

Project: Narwhals

3D Shape Animals!

The children in 2nd class made some wild animals as part of their study of Shape and Space this week. Check them out here. Thanks to Jessica, Kelly, Leah, Lucy and Séamus for sharing!


Joseph’s latest artwork – an amazing water colour!


Two of our creative and talented pupils in 2nd class have been using their time at home to draw and with amazing results too. Thanks to Seán for sharing his drawing of his dog Harry and to Joseph for his drawing of a cat and an eye, with a difference! Very impressive boys!

Poetry – Thoughts on LOCKDOWN

For our final week of poetry the boys and girls in Rang a dó put pen to paper and wrote an acrostic poem on their time in Lockdown. A big thank you to Lucy, Seán and Jessica for sharing their poem with us!

Halley’s Comet!

As part of the topic of Earth in Space, Isaac decided to do a project on Comets. At the 2nd class Zoom meeting this week he shared lots of facts about one of the most famous comets, Halley’s Comet, with the class. Like most comets, Halley’s Comet is made of ice, dust and gas. It can be seen from Earth every 75 years. It last appeared in 1986 and will come again in 2061. Well done Isaac!

Hello Mr. Scarecrow!

Poetry – Junk Art

To continue their work on poetry this week the children in second class were given a poem entitled ‘Junk Art’ as inspiration for writing their own poems and for making junk art! Have a look and see what Leah, Kelly, Séamus, Joseph, Ava and Lucia came up with…

Junk Art by Lil Pluta

I feel so smart when I make art, from things I’d throw away.

Look there! I’ve made three floating fish, out of an old foam tray.

A coffee can becomes a drum, dressed up with string and yarn.

I find the box that held my juice. Now it’s a bright red barn!

My paper scraps are in a bin, I know I’ll find a use.                  

I fold and cut and paint and glue. I’ve made a silly moose!

I feel so smart when I make art from things I’d throw away.

I like to save odd bits of stuff to use another day.

Life Skills

Since school closed the boys and girls in second class have been so busy. Not only have they been doing their school work, they’ve also been learning valuable life skills such as baking, sewing, gardening, cleaning, minding their little brothers and sisters and looking after their pets, to name but a few. See what Lucy, Lucia, Jessica, Leah and Myah have been doing!

Art and Music!

The children have begun learning about planet Earth in Space and The Solar System. To finish off our blogging for this week we have some photos of their artwork and also a tin whistle video clip – well done Séamus, Isaac, Leah, Kelly, Lucy, Lucia and Seán.

More poetry!

Rang a dó are still working on their poetry. Here are some Nursery Rhymes with a difference…!!!


From making musical instruments to painting, from mindful glitter jars and colouring to updating nursery rhymes, the children in 2nd class have been letting their creativity flow! What a talented bunch they are…. have a look!


Before school closed the children had been learning about poetry with Mrs. Corrigan and Miss Cooney. They have continued some of this work in recent weeks as part of their learning at home. Here is a selection of their poems for you to enjoy!

The Learning Continues…

It was another week of fun and learning for 2nd class pupils (and their parents!) last week. As well as the usual activities such as reading, problem solving, writing, etc. the learning took on a more active nature as the whole school community embraced ACTIVE HOME WEEK 2020. The children were encouraged to spend 60 mins each day being active. This took on so many forms – from slow bicycle race to hurling with toilet rolls to yoga and lots more! The children entered entered into the spirit of the event and great fun was had by all. Bualadh bos go léir!

Distance Learning in 2nd class!

The children in 2nd class have been very busy during the past week. They were engaged in all sorts of learning activities at home, including reading, writing poetry, problem solving, project work, going on a shape hunt, art, and much more! They also began learning their prayers in preparation for their First Holy Communion. Many thanks to all the parents who facilitated and supported their learning and thanks also to any brothers or sisters who were on hand to help out. Here are some photos to give you a flavour of the learning that took place.

Highlights from Christmas 2019 to March 2020

Check out this video to see some of the activities 2nd class were involved in during the last term!

Class of the Month January 2020

Congratulations to 2nd class who were the worthy winners of the much loved Pizza Party, homework pass and certificate of achievement for the month of January.

Mrs. Teresa Corrigan  is teaching 2nd class  for the school year 2019-2020. It will be an exciting year for everyone in 2nd class as they make their First Confession and their First Holy Communion. 

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