Active Schools Week

dates for your diary

With the New Year 2018 upon us, it is time for the Active Committee to get planning ahead for the Active Week 2018.

This will be our 4th Active Week, and ever year brings more excitement and opportunities for new activity.

We will update you in the coming weeks with our draft plan, but for now write the dates in your diary – Mon 11th June to Fri 15th June. As always, our Active Week will finish off with our annual Sports Day. The week itself will be filled with lunchtime activities, morning wake up sessions, activity throughout the day, active homework and much more!!! One of the highlights of each Active Week is the 6th class versus Parents rounders match!!! Who will be victorious in June 2018? We can detect the rivalry between the two teams already!!!!!!

Active Week 2017

Active Week Timetable 2017

Walk, run, jump or skip come on Piercestown Let’s Get Fit!

Day Monday

12th June


13th June


14th June


Enniscorthy Hub



15th June


16th June


Fun Sports Day

Morning (before school) 10@10 Long Puck hurling activity 4th-6th class

Jack O’ Connor

10@10 Funky Feet Day


St. Martin’s Centre


During school time activity Taekwondo

9.30-10.00 (JI)

10.00-10.30 (SI)

10.30-11.00 (1st )

11.10-11.50 (3rd )

11.50-12.30 (5th )



Exercise and Mindfulness with

Eileen Rowe

1.15-2pm (6th)

2-2.45pm (5th)

Exercise and Mindfulness with

Eileen Rowe

9.30-10.15am (3rd )

10.15-11am (4th )

11.15-11.55 (2nd )

11.55-12.30 (1st)



1.00-1.45 (6th )

1.45 -2.15 (2nd )

2.15-3.00 (4th)

Exercise and Mindfulness with

Eileen Rowe

Junior and Senior Infants



9.30-10.00 (Junior infants)

10.00-10.30 (Senior infants)

10.30-11.00 (1st)

11.15-12.00 (2nd)



Parents versus 6th class rounders march





Fun Sports Day
Breaktime Active Lines Active Lines Walk a Mile with a Smile Active Lines Active Lines
Lunchtime Skippathon Try it Tuesday

Junior and Sen infants


Hula Hoopathon Keepy Uppy Competition Welly throwing
After school activity          

Drop Everything and Dance

X   X   Fun Sports Day

Drop Everything and Run

  X   X  


  • P.E. homework for all classes
  • Mon – Run around your house/garden . Reduce the amount of tv watched
  • Tues – 50 high knees and no treats that night (reduce the amount in accordance with your class)
  • Wed – 50 jumping jacks and eat all your vegetables that night (reduce the amount in accordance with your class)
  • Thurs – activity of your choice. (reduce the amount in accordance with your class)


  • Survey will be sent out as part of Active Week
  • Competitions on the Active School Noticeboard – for all class levels
  • Healthy lunches all week


  • Suggestion Fittest Class competition

Each class gets timed by their teacher running one lap of the school building. The clock is stopped when the 10th person gets back.  The two classes with the lowest time will go through to the final which they will run the school building twice. Quickest class wins!!!! All children are encouraged to finish.

Here were some photos from Active Week 2017:

Active Week timetable 2016

Active Week 6th – 10th June 2016

Monday Tuesday

Jersey Day


Funky Feet Day (eg: odd shoes/ runners/ socks)


Before School


Wake Up – Shake Up

Tag Dash (all)

(run by 5th & 6th



Break time







Drop everything and move/ dance/ run

Limbo  (GT and 4th for all)

In class work out

Welly Throw (5th)

Bizzy Breaks

Keepie Uppie challenge for 5th & 6th (6th)





Lunch time






Try it Tuesday – Infants Yoga

Lunchtime league

(1st – 3rd) Tag Rugby

Skip-a-thon (infants/ 4th – 6th)

Lunchtime league

(4th-6th) Tag rugby

Hula Hoop Challenge (GT)









Walk a mile with a smile at 10.30


Walk to school Wednesday (from Martins GAA)


Prize giving 1.30 after final of lunchtime league


6th class flashmob?

Ask Triona


6th class vs.  Parents – rounders

Send letter to parents of 6th class

Ideas for class teachers: Limbo, Puc/Cic Fada, Welly Throws, Tug of War, 3 legged races, Speed Box Stacking, Leepie Uppie Challenges, Skipping, Hula Hooping, Penalties against the class teacher, PE for homework, obstacle courses, active maths (speed, distance, time, etc.), ultimate Frisbee, orienteering, foot golf, sports quiz, guess the sports star (sports board – daily challenge),

Athletics during school, dance classes, Maldron hotel pool passes, speakers and music for walk a mile, call guards re:walk to school, get prizes x40,  get bibs

Active Week timetable 2015

27th April – 1st May

Walk, run, jump or skip come on Piercestown Let’s Get Fit!

Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning (before school)     Walk on Wednesday- meet at St. Martin’s Pitch   Ms. Hearne

Wake up Shake Up activity

During school time activity Introduction to GAA by St. Martin’s Club


9.30-10.00 1st class

10.00-10.30 Jun. Inf.

10.30 – 11.00 Sen. Inf

GAA coaching 2nd – 6th


Dance Deirdre Grant – infants – 2nd class


Dance Lekan Akinyemi 3rd– 6th


3rd-6th class

Rounders match parents versus Children 1pm


Medal presentation

Rackard League Football 2pm

Lunchtime Walk a mile with a Smile Try it Tuesdays Skipathon 3rd– 6th Touch Rugby mini blitz


Hula Hoopathon infants-2nd class
After school activity   Rackard League Boys B team Gorey (1.15pm) Rackard League Matches A Girls 2pm and Boys 3pm

Piercestown Pitch

Rackard League Boys B team Enniscorthy (Belfield 3.15pm)  

Drop Everything and Dance

D.E.A.D.   D.E.A.D.   D.E.A.D.

Drop Everything and Run

  D.E.A.R.   D.E.A.R.  
  • P.E. homework for all classes                    Healthy lunches all week                            Swim passes in the Maldron

Here are some photos from Active Week 2015